Customize Your Own Bag

Customize Your Own Bag

For Promotional Company/Custom Logo Bag


Neighbors Deil and Grocery

Perfect for Our Mini Supermarket! These non-woven shopping bags are a fantastic addition to our mini supermarket. Customers love the durability and spaciousness. A great investment for any store. Highly recommended!

Fresh Meadows

King Wine and Liquor

Excellent Wholesale Choice! Our liquor store has found the ideal non-woven shopping bags through this wholesaler. The bags are of superior quality, and our customers appreciate the convenience. A solid 5-star rating!

Queens NY

Best Liquid Store

Outstanding Quality! As a wholesale buyer for our liquor store, we are extremely pleased with the non-woven shopping bags. Sturdy, durable, and the perfect size. Definitely, a 5-star product!


99 cents City Line

Top-notch Bags for 99 Cents Store! These non-woven shopping bags are a game-changer for our 99 cents store. They’re strong, reliable, and the customers adore them. Five stars for quality and affordability!

Long Island

711 Seven-Eleven

Impressive Quality! As a 7-Eleven owner, I can’t emphasize enough how great these non-woven bags are. They withstand heavy use, making them perfect for our convenience store. A definite 5-star product!